Welcome to the website of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Juntendo University Faculty of Medicine.

主任教授 板倉 敦夫




We provide pregnancy and childbirth services, as well as treatment of gynecological malignancies and diseases specific to women.

With the spirit of Jin, we offer the best medical practice based on the latest evidence to all pregnant women and patients who visit our department. To provide a higher level of medical care, our department conducts innovative research, which contributes to clinical practice.

However, the most important aspect of our mission is to train and educate skillful obstetricians and gynecologists. Therefore, our goal is to nurture specialists who can provide the best medical care and bring innovation to clinical practice, while keeping the work–life balance in mind.

田中 利隆
牧野 真太郎
齋藤 寿一郎
荻島 大貴